What's the Hype About?

by Dana Grove December 02, 2015

This all natural prebiotic has become increasingly popular in all sorts of healthy living circuits, and new research is continually pointing to bigger and better benefits...

So what is all the rave about?

Resistant Starch

While most starches are digested as carbohydrates that are broken down into simple sugars, this special type of starch is functionally different.  It is named resistant because it resists digestion.  It actually passes through our entire digestive tract undigested!  However, when it reaches the colon something interesting happens...

To understand this, you must first understand that the colon of every living creature contains it's own little ecosystem...  A living colony of different types of microflora grow and thrive here, and the health of this this community has a direct impact on the rest of the body.

So, when the Resistant Starch that is consumed travels through the digestive system and reaches the colon, it provides sustenance to the good flora in the body.  This builds and develops a healthy microbiome, developing the population of good flora - and respectively, crowding out the bad bacteria that can grow in this little internal ecosystem and make it's host sick.

This healthy little community does more than improve our overall health...  The healthy microflora produce a number of short-chain fatty acids that are used by the body to improve health.

The short-chain fatty acids produced include butyrate, acetate and propionate.  These particular short-chain fatty acids act as fuel for the body, increasing energy.  In addition, they help the body absorb vitamins, minerals, nutrients and water too! 

Dana Grove
Dana Grove