Why do I need MSPeubiotic®?

Why do I need MSPeubiotic®?

MSPeubiotic® is designed as a simple and easy solution to balance digestion and boost the immune system.  Here are just a few reasons pet owners use MSPeubiotic®:

  • Has your dog ever gotten into things he shouldn’t?
  • Does your dog get stressed from travel, boarding or staying with a sitter?
  • Does your dog suffer from a medical condition that involves long term use of medication?
  • Does your dog have a medical condition like Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
  • Does your dog experience ongoing issues with flatulence and fecal odor?
  • Has your dog experienced issues with Clostridium, Coccidia, Giardia or Campylobacter?
  • Has your dog ever had issues with food changes?
  • Do you have relatives that like to give your dog extra treats when they visit?

These are just a few reasons that dogs develop digestive issues.  The primary reason is because these situations all result in a “bad” bacteria overgrowth in the colon.

How can MSPeubiotic® help?

MSPeubiotic® is an all-natural product designed from resistant starch that can be used to balance digestion and boost the immune system, by increasing the “good” bacteria in the colon.  As the amount of good bacteria increases, the bad bacteria is crowded out…  And this has all kinds of benefits!

First and foremost, this balances the digestive system.  Aside from preventing problems with digestive upset, such as diarrhea, constipation and reducing associated odors – MSPeubiotic® improves overall gut health.  This will help prevent issues when your dog eats things he shouldn’t or experiences food changes.

A balanced microbial community is a key component of overall health, but in animals with chronic kidney disease, there are often significant changes found in the gut microflora. This imbalance can contribute to an increase in toxins which make the animal feel unwell. MSPeubiotic® has the potential to restore a healthy microflora and as a result improve symptoms in chronic kidney disease.

Digestion plays a huge role in overall health, and regular use of MSPeubiotic® not only boosts the immune system – it also has a big impact on glucose metabolism.  This is more than just a benefit for diabetic animals…  Those spikes and drops in blood sugar throughout the day are what make us hungry, and balancing those hunger pangs can have a real impact on the waistline!

Healthy digestion improves our pet’s skin and coat quality too.  It’s easy to spot a healthy dog when you see a full, shiny and healthy coat.  MSPeubiotic® is also known to improve skin and coat quality in dogs that suffer from medical conditions and allergies that struggle with skin and coat issues.

How does MSPeubiotic® work?

What is fascinating about this product, is that it is so simple to use!  Simple add a little of the odorless, tasteless powder to your dog’s daily diet.  MSPeubiotic® does the rest…

In the beginning, it is important to start with a lower dose to prevent issues with flatulence as the bad bacteria is expelled, allowing the good bacteria to grow.  Slowly increase to the optimum dose for your dog and continue to add daily…  And that’s all there is to it!

The impact MSPeubiotic® has on your dog’s digestive system will speak for itself.  MSPeubiotic® passes through the digestive tract unused until it reaches the colon, where it undergoes a fermentation process that ultimately “feeds” the healthy bacteria that resides there.  As the good bacteria thrives, the bad bacteria is crowded out…  As they say – you are what you eat, and a balanced digestive system can make all the difference in the world!

Taking a Technical Look...

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