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I like it a lot

Katie B.
My dog can’t go without

My dogs tummy has never v been happier! Been using this product for over a year and I won’t let my sensitive doggy go without. Thank you !!

Katie B
A Lifesaver!

My Rotti had a very sensitive gut. I work in the veterinary medicine field as a receptionist and this product I will not go without! I always have a back up on hand!
As a puppy he puked and puked for 20-30 times a day- finally got on the right food. Then one day experienced months of diarrhea- meds would be a band aid for him. Once the meds stopped the diarrhea would start all over again. Feeling at a loss for him and so terrible. I decided to try this wonderful product! Within two weeks the diarrhea was gone and it’s very rare he even gets it now!!
This saved my dogs life and mine! Thank you!!

Katie B.
Love this product

My rotti was having loose yellow stool for months at a time. I work at a vet clinic and tried everything to help him get some relief. This is the only product that worked! It’s amazing and I won’t go without for him!!

David B.
dog with yeast skin issues

things are improving, the skin is not as yeasty. the dog seems more comfortable, less itching



MSPrebiotics Inc.

An all natural prebiotic for your dog that contains no grain, gluten, or lactose ingredients and is non-GMO.  MSPeubiotic® Resistant Starch is a prebiotic with a eubiotic effect that maintains healthy digestion and helps balance the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.

MSPeubiotic® Resistant Starch is recommended to support proper digestion and bowel health for your dog.  It helps regulate bowel function and promotes normal stools. In addition this eubiotic can help in the management of healthy weight and immune system support.

MSPeubiotic® Resistant Starch is to be taken daily and can be added directly to dog food.  Please follow the instructions on the package.  

Ingredient:  Solanum Tuberosum Extract

Learn more at or check out the video and product reviews below!



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