MSPeubiotic® Success Stories

by Dr. Susan Hore, DVM February 23, 2017

Meet Connie, Diamond & Bosley...

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your dogs?

My name is Connie Reed and my family includes two Great Danes, named Diamond and Bosley.  These dogs are like my kids and I would do anything for them.  I have had a lot of dogs go through my home as I fostered dogs for a local rescue for many years.  I had always been intrigued by Great Danes and awestruck when I saw them – just by how big they are, and by how elegant and gracious they can be.  So, when my husband told me one day that there was a Great Dane available, my heart said, “This is right for you”.

Could you tell us more about Diamond?

Diamond joined our family 6 years ago and fit in right away.  She is a kind soul and the type of dog that gets along with everyone.  She had a finicky,  sensitive tummy ever since we got her.  She was not putting on weight and was repeatedly having bouts of loose stools.  We had tried other supplements and she had numerous vet visits where she would go on short term medications to resolve things, but the problems kept coming back.  My vet suggested I try MSPeubiotic®.  I was skeptical at first but felt I needed to try something, as my vet bills were piling up and Diamond just wasn’t doing well.  I was worried about her because she wasn’t eating well – it didn’t matter what we did, her appetite just wasn’t there – and she was so skinny!  It was also becoming a strain on our family.  Going on walks in the city was really tough because she rarely had a formed stool, and picking up after your dog is difficult when their stool is like pudding!

How did Diamond respond to MSPeubiotic®?

It wasn’t an overnight change, rather a slow turn around.  The only change we made was giving MSPeubiotic® to her daily.  It wasn’t until after 2 ½ - 3 months of her being on it steady, that we really saw the full effect.  Her appetite has improved so much!  Instead of going a day or so without wanting to eat, she now wants to be fed twice a day.  She will sit and look at her bowl to let us know she’s hungry and she eats all of her food now, versus walking away.  Her stools are more formed, and even though she may have the odd soft stool, the next one is usually right back to normal, rather than turning into a prolonged case of the runs.  We’ve also noticed that her coat has improved immensely!  Even though she was on a good diet, it was dull with dandruff and her black fur had a brown tinge to it.  Now it is sleek and shiny.  And she has become a lot more active.  We thought she had just slowed down with her age, but she has really come out of her shell lately.  She is in the toybox, wanting to play and to go for runs.  She’s like a totally different dog – she just feels good! 

And what about Bosley?

Bosley is our adventurous, outgoing male Great Dane who loves life.  He has been healthy and not had issues like Diamond, but we feel that MSPeubiotic® is a good way to build up his immune system and give him a head start.  He has been taking it for about 5-6 months now. Although we are always careful about making sure we don’t leave things out that the dogs could get into, the other day he got into garbage and ate a bunch of rib bones and tin foil.  We called our vet and she advised us to wait and see.  We were pleasantly shocked because he had absolutely no problems from this incident – no stomach upset, no runs!


Do you plan to continue giving your dogs MSPeubiotic®?

I am religious with giving my dogs their MSPeubiotic®.  I don’t want them to run out because I don’t want to take a chance that Diamond will slip back to experiencing the digestive problems she once had.  I don’t want to have to build her up again.  Both my dogs will be taking MSPeubiotic® for life!

Do you have a MSPeubiotic® Success Story that you’d like to share?  
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Dr. Susan Hore, DVM
Dr. Susan Hore, DVM