MSPeubiotic® Success Stories: Maureen, Tucker, Roxy & Lily

by Dr. Susan Hore, DVM January 26, 2017

Meet Maureen and Tucker, Roxy & Lily…

Tell me a little about yourself and your dogs.

My name is Maureen and I have had dogs all my life.  I have had many breeds, but tend to prefer the large breeds rather than the small breeds.  I currently have three dogs.

Roxy is an American Bulldog/ Boxer cross and is 6 years old.  We got Roxy when she was 2 ½ years old.  She was 58 lbs, skin and bones, and sick with allergies that made her skin look like a lobster because she was so raw and itchy. It was never our plan to keep Roxy in our family - we felt she needed more attention than we could give her but we didn't feel that anybody who stepped forward to adopt her was right.  She is part of our family till the end.

Tucker is a Boxer and is 7 years old.  He tends to have a very sensitive stomach and to be choosier with the foods he will eat.  He also likes to eat rocks. 

Lily is a Border Collie/ Lab cross and is 5 years old.  She is the easiest when it comes to health.  She can eat anything but also has separation anxiety which has caused us a lot of damage to the household. 

Why did you decide to feed MSPeubiotic® to your dogs?

I saw a post about it on Facebook and decided to give it a try.   I myself am a probiotic user and figured if it helps me then this could help the dogs.  I didn't decide right away to order it.  I visited your website a few times and then just decided it would be something that is worth a shot. 

What changes have you noticed in your dogs since using MSPeubiotic®?

Wow, there are many!  I have noticed that all the dogs have shiny coats.  Roxy has developed a thicker coat and they all seem to be more active and playful.  Tucker, the sensitive one, has been much more playful!   He used to puke quite often but that has become less of an issue. 

How soon after using MSPeubiotic® did you see a difference in your dogs?

You know I want to say that it was not an immediate difference.  For sure it was after a month or so that I really saw the changes.  

Anything else you would like to tell us?

I just want to say that I think everyone should give this product a try - that's what I did.  I have been using it for several months now and would not continue to purchase it if I didn't think it was beneficial to my dogs. 

Thanks for your time and valuable feedback, Maureen!  I hope that MSPeubiotic® continues to improve the health of your dogs for many years to come.    



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Dr. Susan Hore, DVM
Dr. Susan Hore, DVM